Dearest Rosi Madam,
Greeting from Premjyoti.

Dearest Rosi mam & all who present here, loving greetings & A very good evening to everyone.
First of all, we wish you a very merry Christmas & a happy New year 2020 to each and every one gathered
here. May all of your home be filled with the joy of Christmas. May you and your family cherish the
wonderful memories of love, care & hope. May the New Year bring in more happiness, peace, prosperity&
opportunities for success & growth in your life.
It is a time of love, giving & sharing. This Christmas we would like to give you our
thankfulness for supporting our activities and constantly sharing your blessings to us.
PREMJYOTI SOCIETY’’ is the name of our organization. PREMJYOTI which means light of
love is a non-government, non-profitable inclusive educational institution. It was established in the
year 1996 in a small hut with 2 disabled (Divyang) students. It was a simple idea to bring both
disabled & non-disabled under one umbrella to instil in normal children acceptance, friendship,
understanding and a positive attitude towards children with disability & also inculcate confidence in
disabled to live with equality & Dignity.
The journey which commenced ‘23’ years ago in a small hut under a “Neem Tree”
with 2 students has come a long way with ‘456’ students (‘234‘ boys & ‘222’ girls ) with & without
disabilities receiving education, respect& love with a holistic approach. There are ‘66’ disabled
children & ‘29’ teaching & supporting staff. At Premjyoti we provide, Integrated education, Special
education, English Medium, Outreach unit for disabled, Tailoring class for girls in the school,
Tailoring centre for women in village, Vocational training, Awareness camps for disabled, Health check-
up camps for poor people, Focus on DALIT or Scheduled caste (the lowest class in religion ) children’s
All these services would not have been possible at all without the constant financial
support from Rose Wagner mam & her team from Austria .
Dearest Rosi Mam,
Let this letter serve as our small and simple way of showing you our love and respect for the great
valuable financial support you extended to Premjyoti Society, Chiraigaon, Varanasi, India since 2006.
It has been ‘13’ years of your service to Premjyoti & it is a part of your life now. Since the day you
started to help Us, It has changed a lot that helped us to become better inside & outside. PREMJYOTI
EXIST THOROUGHLY ON YOUR SUPPORT. Thank you for your kindness and understanding. Your thoughtfulness
and generosity empower us and encourage us to do our best.
Dearest madam, this is just another occasion for us to express our deepest gratitude for every
financial support you have rendered whole heartedly to support us. We have no words or our words are
not enough to thank you for sparing your most valuable time and taking time out of your busy schedules
to help Premjyoti. Premjyoti would not be what it is today without your tender loving care. As a
respected member of Premjyoti, your opinion carries a lot of weight & we like to discuss with you our
difficulties and share with you our joys. Though we are miles and kilometres apart from you, you are
always in our prayers.
On behalf of Premjyoti family, we extend our deepest gratitude to all of you
present here in the charity event for giving your most precious time to support us. Even though our
thanks to you is a single drop in the ocean, may I take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable
contribution and your trust in us.
May God bless you and keep you in His tender loving care. Once again wish you a wonderful Christmas & a
prosperous New year ahead.
Here below we give a brief news letter.
Thanking you
Pawan & Sheela
On 2nd April school ‘s new scholastic year began. Children were allotted their new class &new class
teachers. Teachers prepared syllabus for teaching. New admissions were taken. Books & uniforms were
distributed to children. In April there was essay competitions among class 6 to 8 on Ram Navami &
on Ambedkar Jayanti. 3 of our special children participated in games and won prizes from district
disability welfare officer. On 20th June school re- opened after summer vacation. Our first sponsor
Mrs. Judith Schuler passed away in the month of June. On 21st June on the occasion of International
yoga day we had yoga with children & we payed tribute to late Judith Schuler and remembered her
valuable support & friendship with us. In the month of July Rosi mam & a group of people from Austria
visited our school and watched our activities. Our children performed dance for them. They gifted 3
water coolers for children to drink water and that brought big smile on our children’s face. The
children who performed dance were taken to nearby swimming pool for a pleasure trip. There was a
seminar on safety for girls conducted by the district police department. In the month of September
Quizz competitions & poem reciting competitions were organized. In the English medium department more
focus is given to English language. In the school 24 girls from class 9 &10 learn sewing classes. Every
Saturday 13 girls from nearby village comes to learn tailoring. There are 17 women learning tailoring
in far village.
In the month of August speech competition & Rakhi making competitions were held. Independence day,
Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day were celebrated. Quarterly exams & Half yearly exams are over Progress
reports were distributed among children. All school children were given Worm tablets & Rubella
vaccination. Parents teachers meetings were organized in the month of July, September & November. Our
staff attended conference on “Rights of disabled”. Our disabled children were taken to different
places for dance performance.
In the special section teachers prepared different goals for intellectually disabled students. Teach
them according to their I. Q level & also integrate some of them to normal classes for some periods.
When children achieve the goals then they prepare another goals for them. On 2nd October we celebrated
Gandhi’s birthday. Children & staff gave speech on the importance of this day & also did some cleaning
work in the nearby places. On 4th October we celebrated Establish Day of Premjyoti. All the children
were given snacks & fruits. Children performed beautiful dance. In October our Disabled children
prepared candles & wax diya and sold it for Diwali. They also help in the carpet & Dari weaving unit.
In the month of November we had special sports for mentally challenged children studying in different
schools in Varanasi. First there was sports coach training programme for two days in our school.
There was 2 days special sports. 148 Mentally challenged children from 10 schools participated in
different games and won medal & Prizes. On children’s Day (14th November) children were taken to a
picnic spot & Handicraft department. 6 children with physical handicap were taken to hospital for
consulting doctor for their further treatment. ‘4’ persons with disability were given Tricycles & ’5’
children were given wheel chairs. It was given to us by District disability welfare officer. ‘28’
Disabled children were taken to painting competition held in the city. Trainees of special education
from different institution visited our school. Last week of November ‘40’ children from bigger class
went for 2 days picnic to ‘Chitrakoot’. They enjoyed it. On 3rd December International Disability Day
there was an awareness rally by disabled & a seminar regarding disabled peoples participation in
political parties. 14 disabled from school and outreach unit participated in it.
We give more attention to the education of DALIT (the low class in religion & the weaker section of the
society). There are ‘83’ Dalit children getting free education in our school. In the schools nearby,
they do not accept disabled children & there are not many Dalit children studying in private schools.
Last week of December from 27th to 31st we will have sports week for all children. They will
participate in different sports & will win prizes. All the children are very excited about it. Now in
the school there is not much space for children to play. For running race, we take them to nearby road
and they will do it there.
These all are the news for now.
With our best regards
Sheela and Pawan
Premjyoti Society
Chiraigaon, Varanasi, U.P., India.